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Trane – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, today introduced the Thermafit® Air-Source Modular Multi-pipe Model MAS,...

Aldi pilots new ALDIgo cashier-free grocery checkout

Shoppers at an Aurora, Illinois., Aldi store can now check out with ALDIgo—the retailer’s new cashier-free technology that uses computer vision to allow shoppers to pay at their cart via debit or credit card or via a Grabango app or pay station and walk out without the need to scan items or wait in a checkout line. The location still offers the option of traditional checkout with a cashier.

The cashier grocery approach

To use the solution, customers shop the Aldi store as they normally do, including for fresh meat and seafood and organic produce as well as pantry staples. There are no special shelves, carts, or gates at the entrance. When done, shoppers can pay with either their credit or debit card, or with the Grabango app at the Grabango pay station near the exit.

Alternatively, shoppers still have the option to check out with a traditional cashier.

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